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Cytometers Cell analysis equipment such as cell sorters and analyzers
DNA analyzers Equipment related to genetic analysis such as DNA amplification and gene transfer
Microscopes, Imaging analyzers
(Excluding electron microscopes)
Visible light, fluorescence, confocal, and other microscopes and equipment for obtaining image data
Electron microscopes Electron microscopes and equipment for preparing samples for electron microscopes
Embryo engineering systems Equipment related to developmental engineering such as embryo preparation
Protein analyzers Equipment related to X-ray diffraction, NMR, and intermolecular interaction analysis
Plate-readers, Spectrophotometers Fluorescence, emission, absorption, and other optical measuring equipment
Histopathology Equipment related to section preparation, staining, clinical chemical analysis, etc.
Separation systems Equipment related to protein and DNA isolation, such as liquid chromatography instruments
Mass spectrometers Equipment related to mass spectrometry, such as triple quadrupoles, MALDI, and ESI
Other analyzers Other equipment
Centrifuges Ultra, refrigerated, plate, and other centrifuges
Analysis software Software related to genetic analysis, structure analysis, protein analysis, image analysis, etc.
General laboratory equipments General equipment used in biochemical laboratories
Office equipments Equipment related to administrative work such as large format printers
When using the equipment, refer to the website and/or a representative of relevant departments and follow the rules of the relevant department:
The Research Support Center, Graduate School of Medical Sciences:
Users must submit the user registration form and attend explanatory sessions or seminars for all equipment. Refer to “For the first-time users (はじめて利用される方へ).”
Faculty of Dental Science Shared Lab:
Non-faculty members can use the equipment if they are working with a faculty collaborator. Open hours are 9:00 – 17:00.
Center of Drug Discovery and Evolution, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences:
Uses in relation to the “Basis for Supporting Innovative Drug Discovery and Life Science Research” program have priority. Currently, the terms of use (e.g., fees) are being developed. The equipment belonging to the Center can be used after the development and approval of the terms.
Laboratory for Technical Support, Medical Institute of Bioregulation Laboratory:
Refer to “Use by persons who do not belong to the Medical Institute of Bioregulation (生医研外の方の利用について).”
Center for Advanced Instrumental and Educational Supports, Faculty of Agriculture:
Refer to Please contact them in advance.