Search the equipment list by category (PDF)

The list can be downloaded in PDF format. It is convenient for each laboratory to keep a copy.

Download from here. (Updated Jun 26, 2020)

When using the equipment, refer to the website and/or a representative of relevant departments and follow the rules of the relevant department:
The Research Support Center, Graduate School of Medical Sciences:
Users must submit the user registration form and attend explanatory sessions or seminars for all equipment. Refer to “For the first-time users (はじめて利用される方へ).”
Faculty of Dental Science Shared Lab:
Non-faculty members can use the equipment if they are working with a faculty collaborator. Open hours are 9:00 – 17:00.
Center of Drug Discovery and Evolution, Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences:
Uses in relation to the “Basis for Supporting Innovative Drug Discovery and Life Science Research” program have priority. Currently, the terms of use (e.g., fees) are being developed. The equipment belonging to the Center can be used after the development and approval of the terms.
Laboratory for Technical Support, Medical Institute of Bioregulation Laboratory:
Refer to
Center for Advanced Instrumental and Educational Supports, Faculty of Agriculture:
Refer to Please contact them in advance.